The Lorax

I took my three younger siblings to see the Lorax this weekend and as expected it was terrible. I’m sure my youngest sibling, who is actually age appropriate for the film, (She’s 9) enjoyed the 3D animated feature film immensely. My two teenage siblings thought it was okay, and were mostly just happy to be spending time with me. I was happy to be able to do something with them as a group, but the movie itself just made me upset. Movies in 3-D that weren’t actually made for 3-D always hurt my eyes. So the glasses were a nuisance. And the Lorax character they invented seemed so far from the Dr. Seuss story I would read repeatedly as a child. The Lorax sells cars now? The Lorax sells movie club memberships? No the Lorax wouldn’t. The Lorax speaks for the trees!

Also, one of the more interesting aspects of the film for me was that the Onceler was made into this sympathetic young male character with family members who pressured him into making bad decisions. I didn’t like this choice. I think that the Onceler was faceless for a reason. Long story short. The movie ruined it. RUINED!


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