Hunger Games…


I have to admit that I never read the hunger games. And it makes me feel some kind of way when people run out to read a book just because there’s a movie coming out about. So despite my curiosity I don’t think I will be reading the hunger games any time soon. I also will be waiting for the movie to show up on cable or Netflix. It’s nothing personal. It’s just if a movie doesn’t have to do with vampires, zombies, greek myths or superheroes, I have a very slim chance of wanting to pay $13 – $17 to see it, no matter how compelling it is.

Yeah so I haven’t read the book but apparently it has black/dark skinned characters that a lot of young people assumed were white, but were cast as black in the movie. I’m not shocked, but definitely disturbed by the responses of some ignorant young people on twitter who apparently took issue with the casting choices. Most of the posts were people expressing surprise that their favorite characters were not only black in the movie but had been explicitly described as dark skinned in the book they had read, and somehow the still managed to imagine the characters as white. One the posts went so far as to say that the death of one of the characters wasn’t as sad now that he knew that the character was black.

Here is the link to one of the articles I’ve come across on this topic. You can find many of the exact twitter posts there:

Again I haven’t read the book, but I’m a little sad that a few people’s ignorance  (and poor reading skills) is marring the debut of what is probably a pretty decent movie, and from what I hear , a really awesome series of books.


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