The Booty Warrior

So I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to participate in my class’s Show and Tell presentations. I was super excited about showing parts of the following videos and to talk a little bit about the prison industrial complex. Especially in light of all the controversy surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin. I thought it might give my classmates a different perspective on the events that are being recounted constantly now in news media and give them a few laughs at the same time.

The Boondocks is a show that I have enjoyed since its first season. It often takes its cues from actual events or people in order to make some sort of comical social commentary. The show uses lots of offensive language including the N-word, which I’m usually strongly opposed to, and employs japanese cartoon aesthetics (i.e. Animé)

In this episode “A Date with the Booty Warrior”, Aaron Mcgrudder, the shows creator, manages to address the problem of the mass incarceration of black men and at the same time address the general discomfort of mainstream African-American communities with homosexuality and the construction of black masculinity. Enjoy.


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