Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim: Battle of the Ages

Oh Lord…

So I go to visit my parents and my teenage brother starts rambling at me about Nicki Minaj. I have no idea what he said, except that it had something to do with twitter and the “beef” between Nicki and Lil Kim. For kicks and giggles I proclaimed that he was talking to the wrong person because I was on Kim’s side. He looked at me like I was crazy and called me a traitor.

Now in all honesty I don’t really care much for either artist. Although I do have fond childhood memories of listening to Lil Kim, even as a kid I knew she wasn’t exactly a role model. On one level I was drawn to her lyricism and ability to excel in a male dominated genre but I was also turned off by what I would call “ho-ishness” and a seeming lack of respect for herself. I still remember when someone brought in a poster of Lil Kim of the image above. I was in shock. It wasn’t sexy to me. It was nasty. Yet I still felt the draw of her music. Myself and my peers took a certain pleasure in defying our parents by listening to her music and enjoying content that we knew was inappropriate for our age.

As I got older Lil Kim continued to develop as an artist. Biggie Smalls died and the Junior Mafia entourage fell apart. Lil Kim made a comeback with a solo album Notorious K.I.M. and appeared on the cover with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a new set of boobs. I’m not sure when she got arrested and her career fell apart entirely but its hard to get into a debate about whether or not Nicki Minaj is better simply because Lil Kim is “washed up”. Truthfully, I wish they’d both get their sh*t together and stop vying for the spot as poster child of a really messed up system. Just out of control.


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