Never Forget, Get Over It.

I came across this image and thought how apropos. I don’t think many people think of slavery in this sort of context. Its become common place to expect that the history of slavery in this country be swept under the rug to one extent or the other. Places like Texas would like to strip it from the history books entirely, while most people just don’t want to talk about it anymore. It was a long time ago, lets just, move on. But when you place it next to these other traumatic events it kind of highlights the way in which black suffering is often minimized and made inconsequential, partly because it has become so ubiquitous. Although I think that in the case of the holocaust and 9/11, there has been some level of closure, so it can be argued that this is an unfair comparison. In either case, I think the question that I get from this image is, why can’t we get over it?


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