Waiting For Storm… I Mean Superman…

Who doesn’t love black superheroes?!

As a kid I must admit I idolized Storm of the X-men. She was powerful, respected by her teammates, and just all around bad azz. I hadn’t thought much about how race plays out in super hero characters until a few years ago when P. Diddy was quoted as saying that their were no black super heroes (which was patently untrue). I think he was trying to market the new Will Smith movie Hancock, but I’m not entirely sure.

Looking back at my childhood now its kind of funny to see how characters can be racially coded, even when their race isn’t explicit (i.e. Panthro of the Thundercats). Disney movies that I enjoyed take on a whole new meaning now that I’m more conscious of associations that go along with speech patterns and color choices. I think the most interesting and consistent color choice I have noticed is the tendency to make black characters in cartoons blue. I wonder how blueness became a stand in for blackness. I’m sure there are exceptions but its definitely a pattern. Even in “The Proud Family” which is a show made up of mostly black characters, the group of girls who are considered bullies and aren’t middle class, are all colored blue.


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