Black People Movies and Why They’re So Bad…

Or Who Let Tyler Perry Produce For Colored Girls?

I am awash with sadness. Tyler Perry movies. They polute my life.

When I heard that Tyler Perry was producing a movie version of For Colored Girls. I almost wept. I had such a strong connection to the play the first time I saw it performed, that the mere thought of Tyler Perry bringing it to the big screen upset me deeply. First I wasn’t convinced it was meant for movie form. Part of the appeal of the play for me was the intimacy of it. The lack of props and context. The colored women as stand ins for everywoman. To make a movie you need a cast and a backdrop. Theirs little room for imagination. That alone had me feeling like the movie would be a wreck.

I refused to pay to see it, but once it showed up on my netflix I thought I should give it a chance. It had gotten mixed reviews It was so bad I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I stopped about a third of the way through the film and thought to myself THIS is what people are going to think of when they think about Ntozake Shange’s Choreopoem!? This crap?! Goodness I was besides myself.

Why is it that its usually bad black films that make it to major markets?Although I guess lots of bad films get funding. I think I might scream if another movie comes out with a black man dressed in drag, posing as a black woman. Its offensive! When did it stop being offensive!? I’m done.


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