Lil Wayne and The Evolution of Hip Hop… Or Zebra Pants!

2011 MTV Video Music Awards – Lil Wayne


Hip Hop has changed so much since the 1990’s. I know I must be getting old because I don’t like it. There’s always been a lot of rap music that I couldn’t really get with because of its misogyny or materialism levels registered just a lil too high for my tastes. But there was always a camp of angry shootem up rap artists that I enjoyed deeply. Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, Onyx, and others had a way of speaking to my inner angsty teenager mind. Nowadays I believe the face of hip hop has changed partly because masculinity has changed. Back in the 90’s wearing tight pants was a no-no for men, and now its a very popular trend. When Lil Wayne showed up on stage at the MTV music awards in zebra print leggings and brightly colored sneakers, everyone from my generation had a moment of like, what the hell happened to hip hop. Hip hop music evolved from being a music that was about transforming suffering into something beautiful. From turning pain into poetry. Into something that is almost entirely materialism based. The misogyny and materialism got turned up and the substance and lyricism got turned down.

Its not fair to make Lil Wayne a stand in for all rap artists. There are those who make rap music that tries to bridge the gap between commercial interests and artistic integrity, but ever since hip hop went pop, it has slowly been losing its authenticity and relevance, to me at least. I’m sure the teens love it; Vapid little monsters that they be…


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